Thigh Highs & Glad News Leather Jacket vs. Beam Sandals & W Closet Pea Coat

We met these cute girls in Harajuku. On the right is Caren, an 18-year-old student. Her outfit from Glad News includes a stylish leather jacket with studs on the collar and puffed sleeves, a short print skirt with a red petticoat and a zippered print top. She’s also wearing thigh-high stockings with red garters and black suede platform shoes from Glad News that are decorated with silver spikes.

Accessories from Vivienne Westwood and Thank-You Mart include red heart shaped sunglasses, a red feather and net hairpiece, a spiked collar and four spiked wristbands, a red cross on a chain, a silver pendant necklace and a red plastic bow on her belt. A black Vivienne Westwood purse and red and black nail polish complete her look.

The smiling girl on the left is Koike, who’s also an 18-year-old student. She’s wearing a blue pea coat from W Closet with a blue a-line skirt, white lace socks and brown sandals from Beam. Her accessories include knit gloves with fur trim and a leather purse with a face appliqué from Pu-chan.

When we asked the girls about their favorites, Caren said her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite music is by 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

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  1. I totally love Caren’ style!!! She look so gorgeous! I love the mix in black and red in all her outfit and almost everything of what she is wearing!

  2. loove the girl on the right nails and shoes. and the girl on the left jacket and bag! <3

  3. Both outfits are nice, but I really like the girl on the right’s crazy-tastic outfit. ^^

  4. OMG, i love everything that the girl in sunglasses wear! She’s extremely cool!
    I love the sunglasses, the shoes, accessories and how she combined everything.

    But the kitty bag is sooo cute as well ^^

  5. Kaa~ kawaii~ here in California,US, when. I try to dress cute people are like WTF are you wearing? Your a wannabe.( I’m white) T_T the World is unfair. Moving to japan when im 18. 4 years to go~