Tiger Backpacks, Twintails, Rainbow Socks & Cherry Earrings in Harajuku

Mizuho and Yurika are two sisters with a shared love of Disney who we often see around Harajuku together. They life colorful fun fashion, and they usually wear whimsical accessories.

Yurika, on the left, is wearing a black leather jacket from WEGO over a Romantic Standard cherry print dress, tartan tights, and Avail boots. Accessories include Kokopelli cherry earrings, a muffler from Daiso, and a white tiger backpack from Upstart Harajuku. Yurika told us that she likes the Japanese fahsion brands Romantic Standard, WEGO, and Malko Malka. Check out her personal blog for frequent updates.

Mizuho, on the right with twintails, is wearing layered tops from WEGO and Candy Stripper with WEGO cutoff shorts, rainbow socks over black stockings, and patent red Swimmer shoes. Accessories include a neon pink and yellow katyusha (hair band) from LaForet Harajuku worn over a WEGO headband, necklaces from Claire’s, and a tiger backpack from Upstart Harajuku. Mizuho’s favorite brands include WEGO, Spinns, and Swimmer and she said that she likes listening to Disney music. She has her own blog if you want to know more!

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  1. Never thought I’d ever like the bright colours just thrown together like a constant rainbow but for these girls it absolutely works. Their outfits remind me that in Australia we are too aware of our differences and would probably be called freaks walking out of our comfort zones, but I absolutely think that our clothing are a representation of our inner selves and that women are far too worried about image these days…We should all take a leaf out of Tokyo fashions daring nature!!! Beautiful,just beautiful.