Tokyo Bopper Shoes, Skeleton Tights & Plaid Blazer

This trendy couple both describe themselves as furitas (temporary workers). The friendly girl is Anna, who’s 21. She’s wearing a layered AC/DC (the Australian band not the Japanese brand) logo top from RNA with a flared white skirt that she bought at a flea market. Her outfit also includes skeleton tights (we’ve recently seen these on another girl) and cute black platform shoes with ankle straps from Tokyo Bopper.

Anna’s accessories include a scarf tied into a hair bow, a large cross on a chain (increasingly popular item through the Fall and Winter and seems to be holding into Spring), a silver ring, a spiked wristband and an earring that consists of two cherries. She told use her favorite place to shop is Nadia and her favorite bands are Perfume and Fuji Fabric.

The guy on the right is 20-year-old Hikaru. His outfit, which combines classic pieces with edgier items, consists of a dress shirt and plaid blazer from resale shops over loose cropped pants that he borrowed from his girlfriend. His buckled shoes are also from Tokyo Bopper. His accessories include an Adidas watch and a leather satchel that he bought at a flea market. Both Hikaru and Anna have necklaces that feature a row of small silver skulls.

AC/DC, RNA & Tokyo Bopper

AC/DC layered top

Print scarf & cherry earring

Leather bag

Silver ring & spiked wristband

Skeleton tights & Tokyo Bopper shoes

Dress shirt & plaid blazer

Skull necklace

Flea market satchel

White Adidas watch

Tokyo Bopper shoes with buckles

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Note: These street snaps were taken before the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Harajuku, so we’re working on getting caught up on our street snap postings. Please consider supporting the earthquake relief efforts through one of these organizations.

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  1. lovely couple!

    i will keep donating and supporting you guys over japan

  2. everything she is wearing is just too cute. I love how it looks so comfortable..

  3. oh thank you thank you Tokyo Fashion!
    I missed your fashion photos and smiling faces…
    i like their style.
    crazy but today…i am happy to see any Japanese happy
    at least at photo

  4. IchigoMichiko

    Omg love the cherry earring! the boy looks so cute<3

  5. I’ve always seen those layered shirts and never thought of how to wear it without looking fatty -and I’m not fat-.
    Now I know xD

  6. the girl in the back with the big scarf on the first pic looks cute too.
    did you take a photo of her too?

    and I really love Anna’s outfit. Oversized sweaters rule. Her shoes are pretty rad, too. I wish they’d sell this stuff here in Germany..