Tokyo Bopper’s Minami in Nile Perch, Pink Star & Tokyo Bopper Shoes

Minami is a staffer at the popular Harajuku shoe store Tokyo Bopper. She’s accessorized her dolly-influenced outfit for cooler weather with a pom pom trimmed scarf, Fair Isle knit mittens from Vivienne Westwood and thigh high cable knit stockings. Her floral print top is from Nile Perch and her gingham trimmed full skirt is from Pink Star. Her white platform shoes with ribbon laces are from Tokyo Bopper.

Minami’s jewelry includes an ear plug, several ear studs, a Vivienne Westwood earring and a vintage watch on a chain from Shuchan. Her katyusha (hair ornament) is from Barrack Room and her handmade purse is from Bag AAbab × Gunji Yusuke.

When we asked Minami about her favorite sources for fashion her answer was Tokyo Bopper and Barrack Room.

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  1. I say she shud hav blended the pink more. I love the busyness of the outfit!

  2. I love the pics, but stop trying to fit everything into categories…dolly key, fairy key, blah blah. A lot of the people that started some of these types of styles don’t even use these words. Plus, this girl isn’t even dolly key, she is her own style..If anything she fits the Tokyo Bopper type of style just with a lot more lighter colors. Let people do their own thing without trying to create pop culture terms that the Japanese don’t even use a lot of times! I don’t mean this site is doing it, but I feel like its a push from mags a lot to try to simplify and market things, haha. I think it takes away from the creativity and individuality of each person, which is what really makes japanese fashion so great and unique in the first place.

  3. i love her style, she is so creative, however i wish i could understand her. I’ve noticed that she never blends in her blush hahaha

  4. Hey @Salt and NiN. Do you not see the red/pink hearts in the blush?. i think its adorable.

  5. Love her Vivienne stuff and, most of all, love her shoes!!

  6. Watashi wa Aki Washington no immasu

    I am SO getting my ear pierced like hers :)