Matching Tokyo Boylesque Dancer Street Styles w/ Dolly Noire, Cookman, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas & Anatometal

We spotted Kazushi and Genchan at Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

On the left is Japanese patisserie chef and boylesque dancer Kazushi with bright green hair. He donned a zip-up hooded jacket from Dolly Noire over a Polo Ralph Lauren black top. Kazushi also wore Cookman white pants with black stripes and off-white sneakers. He gets his shopping done at Ikumi and Dolly, and he also enjoys listening to music from Scandal. Follow Kazushi on Instagram and Twitter, and check out his cafe Roy To Silo on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with its social media updates.

Next to him is Japanese performer Genchan with a Dolly Noire hooded jacket over a white T-shirt and Cookman white pants with red stripes. Blond hair, Adidas bright green sneakers, and Anatometal accessories finished off the look. Genchan frequents Roy To Silo and regularly updates Instagram and Twitter.

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