Tokyo Cross Colours Streetwear Styles w/ Pink Hair, Vintage Furry Coat, Ewing, Blacklist, Kangol & Adidas Sneakers

Straying away from their signature colorful kawaii streetwear styles this time are Masao and Takako, whose use of bold prints still caught our eye on the Harajuku street.

We have Masao on the left, who is dressed in a black bomber jacket with contrast colored sleeves, styled with a striped hoodie sweatshirt and dark green denim pants, all of which are sourced from Cross Colours. He stepped into a pair of black high-top Ewing sneakers, and rounded out his style with a Cross Colours cap, a record pendant necklace, and a gold studded watch from Blacklist. Masao loves to shop at Cross Colours, and he is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Takako stepped out in a vintage zebra print furry coat, which she wore over a red Cross Colours hoodie sweater and monochrome striped pants with cuffed hems, also from Cross Colours. She wore white Adidas sneakers with black stripes and red laces, a black Kangol beret, and circle Cross Colours earrings to complete her outfit. In addition, Takako is carrying a a denim drawstring tote bag. Takako is also active on Instagram.

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