Tokyo Cyberpunk Streetwear Styles w/ Pink Hair, Killstar Harness, URB Top, Honey Birdette Lingerie Dress, POI Designs Vest & Nike Sneakers

While out and about the streets of Tokyo, we came across Izzy and Haptic, two individuals sporting striking all black streetwear looks.

At the left is Izzy sporting curly pink hair. They are dressed in a black blazer coat, worn over layers consisting of a sheer URB black turtleneck top, a corset they got from a film production, Honey Birdette sheer ruffled lingerie dress, a leather harness from Killstar and black tights. Black patent leather sneakers with Killstar ankle cuffs, a black beret, multiple badges and gemstone rings completed their look. Izzy’s favorite fashion brand is Namilia and they like the music of Julian Winding. Follow Izzy on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Haptic stepped out in a POI Designs Chest Vest, black skinny pants and a pair of Nike sneakers. They accessorized with a black face mask, an o-ring harness, leather arm straps, a silver pendant necklace, a leather belt and multiple black waist bags. For more on Haptic, follow them on Instagram.

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