Tokyo Denim Street Styles w/ Blonde Bob, Polka Dot Mask, Utility Vest, Kilo Shop, Little Sunny Bite, Kenzo Pants, Tokyo Bopper, Gucci Bag, Dior, Shury, Yosuke & Vintage Fashion

While taking a stroll along the streets of Harajuku, we came across Koma and Nodamo, two 18-year-olds sporting denim vests.

Koma, an 18-year-old fashion college student, is dressed in a vintage denim utility vest, which he wore over a vintage white t-shirt and paired with Kenzo denim pants. He finished off his outfit with white Tokyo Bopper sneakers and sported accessories such as silver stud earrings and a black leather belt, which are sourced from Dior and Shury. In addition, he is carrying a Gucci brown leather waist bag strapped across his chest. Monochrome nail art are the finishing touches to his style. Koma lists Shury and Funktique as his favorite fashion brands and he enjoys the music of Mega Shinnosuke and Sakanaction. Follow Koma on Instagram.

At his right is Nodamo, an 18-year-old student. She stepped out in an acid wash denim vest from Kilo Shop, worn over a Little Sunny Bite shirt with red contrast trims. Nodamo wore vintage khaki denim flared pants and stepped into black platform lace-up shoes from Yosuke. Nodamo embellished her style with vintage accessories such as a polka dot face mask, gold stud earrings, a butterfly pendant necklace, a brown leather belt, colorful layered bead bracelets and vintage knuckle rings. A vintage dark brown leather sling bag with an embossed floral motif completed her style. Little Sunny Bite and Moto Guo are two of Nodamo’s fashion favorites and she likes listening to Sheena Ringo and Chai. Find Nodamo on Twitter and Instagram.

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