Tokyo Funks, 1980s Vans, Buttstain, Life’s a Beach & Jeremy Scott in Harajuku

Takuya and Chiharu are two 21 year olds whose colorful outfits easily caught our eye in Harajuku. They told us they are both friends/fans of the Japanese skate/surf/street culture collective Tokyo Funks.

Takuya – with the pink hair and a green beanie – is wearing layered tops from New Deal and Buttstain, with skull printed pants from Life’s a Beach. He’s also wearing 1980s Vans sneakers, Buttstain sunglasses, a nose piercing and plastic earrings. He’s active on Instagram. Takuya’s favorite band is Ginnan Boyz.

Chiharu works arubaito (part time) and she’s a fan of the legendary 1990s Japanese group Judy and Mary. She is wearing a Jeremy Scott food-print dress with a Moschino bag from Monomania and 1980s Vans. You can find Chiharu on Instagram too.

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  1. Takuya and then Tajuya XD
    By the way, their styles are awesome!!! Beautiful duo \o/