Tokyo Girl’s Lavender Hair, Tattoos, Colorful Nail Art & Superman Top

Here’s a stylish 21-year-old Japanese student with short lavender-colored hair who we met in Harajuku.

Her outfit consists of a Superman top from MiiA tucked into polka dot pants from the Japanese brand L.D.S. (Love Drug Store) and bright blue heels from Melissa. Accessories include a pink Milkfed “VIVA LA REVOLUTION” purse and a studded bracelet. She also has several tattoos, including a red heart with a safety pink on her arm and a purple star on her ear lobe. Also take note of the nail art, which features studs, lighting bolts, a spider web, a googly eye, and even what looks like the Vivienne Westwood logo.

She told us that her favorite shop is Beams, her favorite fashion brand is Rosebud, and her favorite band is Rancid.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Claudine B

    I love the style it’s very girlie n different. The bright colors flow perfect with the whole outfit…. This one is a winner!!! Cute n fun

  2. Love her superman shirt and high-waited pants the best! Also like her nails, shoes and bag. Altogether a great look! :) wish I was as brave and creative, she looks kl! :)

  3. Yuki-Chan

    Wow her bag and nails are awesome! :D I actually love everything about this look <3

  4. i totallyy love her style !! she looks aweskme :D

  5. Lova everything from her tattoos to her dressing~~ the way she pull off her poka dots pants>>>3333 and her nails are a little pop art combinations awwws

  6. She’s very pretty!! and I love how she has everything put together!! and I love her tats of course!! ^_^

  7. Gayboy!!!

    Love the entire outfit… It’s so cutesie! The pants are gorgeous just like the tat on her ear lobe. B.A. To the fullest! Plus her hair is gorg!

  8. Love everything !!! their just cool…she mix it perfectly!

  9. the nails kill… in a good way O: the blue shoes might seem a little out of place but when you glance at her whole outfit, it seems to fit in perfectly! something must be wrong with my eyes lol

  10. Her tattoos, her nails, and her pants. Oh my god this girl is awesome.