Tokyo Girl’s Dot Skirt, Corset Belt & Heart Platform Heels

Here’s a stylish Japanese girl named…Cabbage! That’s what she told us, at least. Cabbage is 21 years old and she works at a fashion shop/brand called Qosmos.

Cabbage’s outfit includes a black (velvet?) top, a dotted skirt with a corset belt, dotted tights, and cute RNA brand shoes with wooden platforms and hearts on the back of the heels. Her accessories include a see-through purse from the Japanese brand Theatre Products, a string of pearls attached to the purse, a necklace, and several studded leather bracelets. She said that one of her accessories came from Van Cleef and Arpels, but we aren’t sure which one. Also, her leather bracelets look exactly like a set shows on the Qosmos website, though she didn’t specify where she got them.

Cabbage said that her favorite type of music is Anisong (anime songs) and her favorite shop is the one she works at – Qosmos.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

Note: During Tokyo’s rainy season (when it’s hard to take photos on many bad weather days), we are mixing in several snaps that were taken in recent weeks, including this series from a fashion event in Roppongi.

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  1. Bananabear

    Too many dots. My eyes are itching from the copious amounts of dots.

    And COME ON, nobody is named “Cabbage”. At least name yourself “Zuchini” or some equally sexily-named vegetable.

    Oh wait. Maybe she’s a Saiyan…

  2. I love the dots! The tights and shoes are my favorite, but I also love the jacket she has <3

  3. I think it’s cooler than the most of the clothes that I saw here. :)

  4. French: Chou = cabbage, also my sweetie, lovely one. Chou-chou is a name my friend used to call her baby. My little cabbage – I always thought it was weird at the time, but that’s translation for you!

  5. She is really beautiful!!! I love her style and I love the dots. I’m a black and white fan anyways so it’s even better that the dots and outfit are black and white!! or it might be navy blue (except the top)… I’m slightly colour blind, so I can’t tell dark colours from each other. Looks black, HAHA!! I wanna steal her shoes *^_^* they’re hontoni kawaii!!!

  6. It’s too cute ^=^. She looks alike a vampire ^^. I want the same shoes *O*

  7. Stephanie D. Brown

    pretty, would be better with a smile though…-_-

  8. she’s so… white gosh… and the skirt is so… long o.O but i like the hair colour tho