Tokyo Kawaii Street Fashion w/ Purple & Blue Hair, Pom Pom Hair Ties, Algonquins Blouse, 6%DokiDoki, Spiny Cream, MenMeiz Bead Bag & Dr. Martens Glitter Boots

Easily catching our attention in Harajuku is Emiry, a 22-year-old 6%DokiDoki shop staff sporting purple-and-blue hair and a pastel outfit.

Emiry is clad in a blue Algonquins lace-trimmed blouse with sheer tiers, which she paired with 6%DokiDoki plaid shorts with white lace trims. Blue socks, blue glitter lace-up boots from Dr. Martens and a pentagon-shaped beaded sling bag from MenMeiz completed her outfit. Emiry embellished her style with kawaii accessories such as pompom hair ties, multiple hair clips, a beaded pendant necklace, a mesh bow pin, a couple of badges, purple sunglasses, stacked beaded bracelets, a blue bow ring and furry arm cuffs. She sourced her accessories from 6%DokiDoki and Spiny Cream.

Emiry mentioned that Spiny Cream and 6%DokiDoki are two of her favorite fashion brands and that she loves listening to the music of Block B, Momoiro Clover Z and Woodz. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more of her fashion.

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