Tokyo Girls in Kimono & Hand-Painted Jeans w/ Headscarf, Hanayagi Kimonorobe, Levi’s x Munenori Tamagawa, Birkenstock & Jordans

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood are Minami Nakamura and KTea, two Japanese girls sporting striking kimono fashion.

At the left is Minami, a Japanese artist. She is dressed in a long black kimono with painted back details. She is also wearing a black ribbed cropped top and black jeans with custom-painted artwork by Munenori Tamagawa. She finished off her look with brown leather Birkenstock slip-on sandals and accessories such as a yellow printed headscarf, hoop earrings, a silver nose ring, a sun pendant necklace, a red belt, rope bracelets and multiple silver knuckle rings. Minami’s favorite fashion brand is Kapital. Follow Minami on Instagram. Also, check out her art designs in her Instagram artwork account.

Meanwhile, curly-haired KTea stepped out in a similar ensemble. The Japanese dancer and model is wearing a textured mustard yellow kimono jacket from Hanayagi Kimonorobe, which she styled with a blue velvet 1994 cropped halter top and Levi’s jeans with painted artwork by Munenori Tamagawa. KTea completed her ensemble with a pair of Kobe Bryant Jordans high top sneakers and accessories such as a black printed face mask, blue geometric statement earrings, a layered rope pendant necklace, a black skinny leather belt and a printed silk scarf she tied on her belt loop. Some of her accessories are handmade pieces. KTea loves to shop at The Superiors and she is also active on Instagram.

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