Tokyo Kimono Street Style by Shaved Head Female Japanese Model w/ Face Mask, Honwaka, Parachute Pants & Cutout Booties

While out and about in Harajuku, we came across Ito, a female Japanese model with a shaved hairstyle. Ito is from Osaka, but she visits Tokyo regularly for modeling work.

In addition to a dark blue face wrap, Ito is dressed in a blue vintage kimono with an embroidered floral pattern from the Osaka vintage/resale shop Honwaka. She also wore a dark blue Bershka crop top, dark blue parachute pants with side pockets from Outdoor and a pair of black suede pointy cutout boots. Ito added vintage accessories such as geometric earrings, a silver face pendant necklace and several silver knuckle rings to finish off her style.

Ito likes vintage fashion and she is active on Instagram.

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