Tokyo Men’s Street Style w/ Colored Hair, Skull Mask, Utility Vest, Graphic Shirt, Cuffed Pants, Casio Watch, Spinns & John Lawrence Sullivan Shoes

Here’s Kan, an 18-year-old student we met on the Harajuku street.

Sporting pink hair with purple streaks, Kan is dressed in a resale outfit, which features a dark green utility vest embellished with silver chains, safety pins and badges. He wore his vest over a black blazer with embroidered prints on the lapels, and a black t-shirt with a graphic skull print. He paired his layered tops with black cuffed dress pants with kanji prints embroidered at the knees, and finished off his style with metallic lace-up loafers from John Lawrence Sullivan and accessories – mostly from Spinns – such as kanji earrings, a silver skull mask embellished with silver safety pins and chains, a black leather belt, a silver Casio watch, and multiple knuckle rings.

Kan’s favorite fashion brand is Focus, and he is active on Instagram.

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