Tokyo Menswear Style w/ Shaggy Bob, Faith Tokyo Accessories, GU, Metallica Shirt, Tripp NYC Strap Pants & Dr. Martens

Catching our eye on the streets of Tokyo is Hayate, a 17-year-old student wearing a monochrome ensemble.

Sporting a shaggy bob, Hayate stepped out in a black leather motorcycle jacket from GU, which he wore over a black printed Metallica t-shirt and paired with half-color black-and-white strap pants from Tripp NYC. Black leather Dr. Martens boots and accessories – mostly from Faith Tokyo – such as multiple silver earrings, layered necklaces and a black leather belt finished off his style.

Hayate’s favorite fashion brands are FR2 and Never Mind the XU, and he likes listening to K-pop music. For his social media updates, follow Hayate on Twitter and Instagram.

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