Tokyo Neon Green Streetwear Style w/ ASOS Turtleneck, OY Pants, Cozymost Waist Bag & Balenciaga Sneakers

Here’s 18-year-old student Harupipi, who was difficult to miss with his neon green outfit in Harajuku.

He wore a neon green ribbed turtleneck from ASOS with the long sleeves cut off to make matching fingerless gloves. Harupipi toned down the brightness with OY black pants and a Cozymost black waist bag with safety pins and a long silver ball chain. On his feet are Balenciaga sneakers with green trims, and on his neck is a chain necklace with a padlock for a pendant. Chunky silver rings completed his look.

Harupipi loves fashion brand Balenciaga and music from Lady Gaga. He is also active on Instagram.

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