Tokyo Rainbow Streetwear Style w/ Multicolored Hair Falls, Colorful Balls, ACDC Rag, That Rainbow Chick Horns, Aika Electronics, 6%DokiDoki, Claire’s Tulle Skirt, Spencer’s Gifts, WEGO, Daiso, Kawaii Monster Cafe, Gloomy Monster, Kol Me Baby & Platforms

As we were walking along the streets of Harajuku, we came across Dolly, the English teacher, designer and street style personality we’ve often featured in our street snaps section.

Dolly stepped out in multicolored braided yarn and cyber hair falls in addition to her rainbow fashion. She is dressed in an ACDC Rag candy print jacket, a yellow mesh top from 6%DokiDoki over a kawaii print top and bottom layers consisting of a pink ACDC Rag pleated skirt, a rainbow tutu and tulle skirt from Claire’s, rainbow fishnet tights and furry rainbow leg warmers from Spencer’s Gifts. She finished off her outfit with candy print platform shoes from ACDC Rag and a furry rainbow waist bag from Kol Me Baby. For her head accessories, Dolly wore a kawaii mini top hat headpiece from Aika Electronics, a That Rainbow Chick blue horns headband along with multiple hair clips from 6%DokiDoki, Claire’s, Daiso and WEGO. Other accessories include a candy print face mask, a 6%DokiDoki ice cream necklace, a button necklace, an ACDC Rag fuzzy collar, multicolored hanging balls, stacked bracelets, fuzzy fingerless gloves and a couple of Aika Electronics rings. In addition, Dolly is sporting a colorful makeup and carrying Kawaii Monster Cafe plushie keychains and a Gloomy Bear monster plushie.

Popular Japanese kawaii streetwear brand, ACDC Rag, is Dolly’s fashion favorite and she loves listening to Miyavi. Follow Dolly on Instagram, Twitter and on her official website, That Rainbow Chick.

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