Tokyo Street Styles w/ Berets, Niimi, MYOB, Buffalo, Moschino & Dog Harajuku

Shoshipoyo and Yana are regulars around the streets of Harajuku. Whenever we see them, they always stand out.

Yana – on the left in the horns beret and Niimi (Buccal Cone) kanji print fashion – works in apparel. His faux-fur drawstring bag is from M.Y.O.B. and his platform boots are from Buffalo. His neckwarmer is also from Buccal Cone/Niimi and his harness necklace is Devilish. Yana likes the brand W.I.A and he likes listening to Miliyah Kato. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

Shoushi is 19 and he studies fashion at Bunka College. We have snapped him many times before here on Tokyo Fashion. He is wearing an oversized t-shirt and a cow print bag from Moschino, pants from GR8, and paint splash shoes from Fessura. His accessories include a golden necklace from Dog, a beret from KTZ, and a hairband from Damage. He is also wearing piercings and an eye-shaped ring. Shoushi likes shopping at Dog and he’s a Brooke Candy fan. Find out more about him on Instagram and Twitter.

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