Tokyo Street Style w/ Cold Mask, Twin Tails, Chicago Blazer, ME Harajuku, Never Mind the XU, Kol Me Baby Furry Waist Bag & Bershka

Here’s Moe, a 17-year-old student we met on the streets of Harajuku.

Sporting twin tails with short bangs and a face mask, Moe’s ensemble consists of a light grey blazer from Chicago, which she wore over layers consisting of a green collared sweater and a black turtleneck top, both of which are also from Chicago. Black convertible cargo pants, two-tone Bershka sneakers and accessories – from Never Mind the XU and (ME) Harajuku – such as a silver butterfly necklace, a brown braided belt completed her outfit. In addition, Moe is carrying a colorful, striped furry waist bag from Kol Me Baby.

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