Tokyo Mens Street Styles w/ Hair Scarves, Snakeskin Pants, Vintage Baseball Jersey, Flamingo, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Yosuke & Dr. Martens

Easily grabbing our attention on the Harajuku street with their colorful streetwear ensembles are Yuhi, Hikaru and Takuma, three 18-year-old students.

At the left is Takuma, sporting scarves and colorful yarns in his hair. Takuma is dressed in a resale black sheer shirt with black cutout patterns, tucked into resale snakeskin print skinny pants, and paired with black knee-high lace-up boots from Yosuke. He accessorized his ensemble with red lip-shaped sunglasses, red drop earrings, an o-ring chain necklace, a white detached lace collar, and a black grommet belt, most of which are from Sevens. In addition, he is carrying a logo print Louis Vuitton backpack. Check out Takuma on Instagram.

Sporting a red ribbed beanie at the middle is Hikaru. He is wearing a vintage striped baseball jersey over a white t-shirt, blue Dickies shorts, white socks, and red sneakers from Ice Cream. Accessories – mostly from Gallerie – a silver chain lip necklace and a long yellow belt finished off his style. He is also carrying a red M&M’s backpack. Hikaru loves to shop at San To Nibun No Ichi, and he enjoys the music of Big Bang. Hikaru is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yuhi’s outfit consists of a paisley print satin kimono top from Flamingo, and black Nike track pants with side snap-button closures, also bought from Flamingo. Black leather lace-up shoes with white laces from Dr. Martens, silver hoop earrings, layered necklaces, a green Gosha Rubchinskiy belt, a black leather grommet belt, and silver chains completed his street style. Some of his accessories are from Levi’s and Chrome Hearts. Follow Yuhi on Instagram.

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