Tokyo Girls Street Styles w/ UF9193, OY, Demonia, Pinnap, RRR, WEGO & Romantic Standard

It was difficult to miss 18-year-old students Kaeru and Bien, whose striking outfits caught our attention in Harajuku.

On the right is Kaeru in a shiny red plaid ensemble from UF9193. Her look consisted of a graphic print turtleneck top, a red plaid jacket with contrasting purple buttons, and a matching red plaid skirt. Kaeru styled them with sheer black socks and Demonia black shoes with contrasting white trim. She also carried a black crossbody bag from OY with her white earphones attached to the buckle. Her accessories – most of them vintage – include chain necklaces and an assortment of rings. Her long hair was styled in a ponytail with blue highlights on her bangs. Red lips and red nails finished off her look. Kaeru loves fashion labels Jenny Fax and Mikio Sakabe, as well as music from CreepHyp. She also posts social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Bien donned a vintage yellow jacket with white panels and purple piping. She wore it over a white T-shirt from Pinnap with a Pac-Man graphic print. Bien also wore green RRR track pants with a wide purple stripe on each side. Her accessories – some of which are from Romantic Standard – include a wide purple belt and chunky rings. Strapped on one shoulder is a clear tote bag from WEGO, and on her feet are Demonia black platform shoes. Her long purple hair was styled with tiny twin buns and a streak of blue dye on her bangs. Bien likes shopping at RRR, Pinnap, and Kobinai. She also enjoys listening to music from Iz*One. Follow Bien on both Instagram and Twitter.

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