Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Colorful Hairstyle, Vintage Bead Earrings, X-Girl Dress, MYOB Tattoo Shirt, UN3D Tote & Yello Cowboy Boots

While walking along the streets of Harajuku, we ran into Rikarin, a Japanese fashion industry personality we often see and feature on our street snaps.

This evening, Rikarin was wearing a bold blue hairstyle with green, pink and purple streaks. She wore a blue patterned spaghetti strap dress from X-Girl, which she styled with a sheer monochrome print turtleneck top from M.Y.O.B. and paired with blue-and-gold cowboy boots from Yello. Rikarin cinched her dress with a grommet belt and embellished her style with vintage multi-colored beaded earrings and a blue ring from Lalique. In addition, she is carrying a silver tote bag from UN3D.

Check out Rikarin’s colorful streetwear looks on Instagram.

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