Pink Tokyo Streetwear Styles w/ Metal Vampire Fangs, M.Y.O.B., Pink House, Kobinai & Vivienne Westwood,

It’s hard not to miss the eye-catching pink streetwear styles of these two Japanese teens in Shibuya. They are Natsumi and Moka, two 18-year-old fashion students.

At the left with a pink braided hairstyle is Natsumi, who is dressed in a pink suit from Zara which she styled with a black shirt with a heart logo from Kobinai. She cinched her double-breasted blazer with a black leather Vivienne Westwood logo belt, and finished off her outfit with black patent leather bow shoes from Bubbles. Her accessories – some from MYOB – include multiple ear piercings with her dangling earrings, a pearl choker, vampire fang piercing, tongue and labret piercings, and multiple cocktail rings. In addition, Natsumi is carrying a black quilted backpack with a heart logo from Kobinai. Natsumi lists MYOB, Kobinai and Burberry as her fashion favorites, and she likes listening to the music of dance/electronic musical group, Represent Chikyu. Follow Natsumi on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Moka stepped out in a pink coat with a pleated collar trim from Pink House, worn over a white ruffled maxi dress with a tiered hem, also from Pink House. The 18-year-old student rounded out her style with white socks, red leather baby doll bow shoes from Pink House, and a red checkered handbag, also from Pink House. Moka loves to shop at San To Nibun No Ichi, and she also likes the music of Represent Chikyu. For more on Moka, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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