Tokyo Mens Streetwear Styles w/ Piercings, Choker, Remake Fashion, Romantic Standard, Focus, Levi’s, John Lawrence Sullivan, Disney & Yosuke

Meet Kota, Kan and Dai, a trio of 18-year-old Japanese students whose striking ensembles easily caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

At the left is Dai, who is dressed in a red satin mandarin collar shirt from Romantic Standard, grey denim pants from Levi’s, and black heeled loafers from Yosuke. A black patent leather beret, ear piercings, dark red lipstick and a black belt rounded out his style. Dai is active on Instagram.

Sporting blonde hair with purple streaks, Kan is dressed in a dark blue cropped hoodie sweater from Focus, worn over a black mesh shirt from Forever21, and black-and-green Kawasaki pants. White socks with dinosaur prints, silver lace-up loafers from John Lawrence Sullivan, and a Disney backpack completed his ensemble. Kan embellished his style with accessories such as an eyebrow piercing, silver kanji earrings, a spiked labret piercing, a leather o-ring choker with spikes and chains, a silver watch, and a purple chain connecting his hoodie to his pants. Focus is Kan’s fashion favorite, and he is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, blonde-haired Kota is wearing a black zip-up sweater with dragon prints along the sleeves and front, a black sweatshirt, and remake orange-and-black wide leg bleached pants with frayed edges. Remake leather lace-up shoes, red-tinted cat eye sunglasses, a single chain earring, a silver chain necklace, a black leather belt, a silver knuckle ring and silver chains completed his look. Kota loves the music of Nicki Minaj, and he is also active on Instagram.

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