Tokyo Streetwear Styles w/ Chloma, D&G, Hyke, Gap, Champion & Dr. Martens

We came across 17-year-old students Taira and Kiku, whose colored hair and casual-cool street styles caught our attention in Harajuku.

On the right is Kiku with bright pink hair under a hooded jacket from Chloma. He layered it over a Chloma gray zip-up jacket and wore white pants from Forever 21. His Hyke white sneakers with cream-colored panels completed his look. As for his favorites, Kiku loves fashion brand Balmung and music from Tohji. He is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Taira donned a Gap black leather coat over a hooded jacket from Champion. He also wore dark denim jeans from Dolce & Gabbana and black leather lace-up shoes from Dr. Martens. His shaggy blond hair, white earphones, and a black leather belt capped off his look. For more on Taira, follow him on Instagram.

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