Tokyo Streetwear Styles w/ Purple Hair, Elephant Print Shirt, Paisley Shirt, The Mondays, Notch, Marc Jacobs, Yosuke & Bella By Bella Tabi Boots

Standing out on the Harajuku street with their purple hairstyles and eye-catching streetwear looks are Shiori and Yamato Kadowaki, two teens we often feature on our street snaps section.

At the left is Shiori, sporting a purple undercut hair. The stylish 18-year-old student is clad in a black textured button down shirt with vintage elephant prints and pleats, which she tucked into a deep purple gypsy skirt with lace trims from The Mondays. She also wore cuffed jeans underneath the skirt, and stepped into purple leather platform boots from Yosuke. Shiori embellished her style with accessories such as clear statement glasses, mismatched earrings, a beaded chain fringe necklace worn at her back, layered belts, a gemstone cocktail ring, and a gold geometric ring. In addition, she is carrying a black leather Marc Jacobs crossbody bag. Shiori lists The Mondays, Neglect Adult Patients and Aquilano Rimondi as her fashion favorites, while her music favorites include Big Bang, Haon, Lil Mama and Coco Rosie. Check out Shiori on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yamato stepped out in a resale black blazer, worn over a resale Florida Harajuku paisley print long button down shirt, which he styled with a striped necktie. Black wide leg pants from Notch, black leather tabi boots from Bella by Bella, and accessories such as earrings, multiple beaded bracelets, a brown leather wristwatch, and silver rings rounded out his look. Some of his accessories are from SAAD. Premiere Japanese streetwear label, Yohji Yamamoto and Y’s, are his favorite labels, and he likes listening to Elle King and Joan Jett. For more of his streetwear styles, follow Yamato on Twitter and Instagram.

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