Torn Jeans & Lacoste Sweater in Shinjuku

This Japanese guy with the slightly mean facial expression (he was just being fun) was photographed on the west side of Shinjuku Station. He is wearing some seriously torn up jeans, a teal Lacoste sweater over a white t-shirt with black text all over it, and Converse sneakers. His bag is a backpack and around his neck he has a necklace with what looks like a bent spoon on it.

Lacoste Sweater and Torn Jeans

Click the photo to see it larger.

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  1. the jeans rocks!!!!!!!!! love the sweater too….

  2. raynorshine

    i wonder if he made those holes or if he bought them like that?

  3. nyaaa iii sense!!!

    lol *trying hard to be japonez*

    his style is cool, wish more asian guys in sydney would dress like that, i’d be falling all over them