This cool blonde 19-year-old student is Nagashima. He didn’t share any information about his attire with us, but couldn’t help but notice his style. He’s wearing a jacket that looks like a shorter version of a trench coat, a v-neck white t-shirt and blue-and-white patterned skinny jeans. His shoes are pointed black boots. The coolest of shades complete the look.Trench Style Jacket & Patterned Skinny Jeans

Trench jacket & v-neck t-shirt

Skinny jeans & black boots

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  1. Toooooo cool.

    Also, I wanna know about his skincare routine. That face is looking NICE!

  2. haha deffo he reminds me GD right away :P but I don’t think GD would wear those shoes :P *hopefully*

  3. i wish we could wear clothes like that here in my country. =P

  4. patty (Dec3,2010) – i wish we could wear clothes like that here in my country. =P — Patty, why?

  5. Wouuu!! handsome! *O* I agree with Nia, he looks like G-Dragon *_____*
    but I think G-D would wear sneakers :3

  6. i loooooove this type of style, and ya it also reminds me of GD (which is probably why i like it) and i also agree with Meyrilu that Gd would wear sneakers with this outfit ;p

  7. haha, no way GD would wear those shoes but Alice Nine’s Hiroto would ^o^ i actually thought it WAS him…

  8. for godsake! effin cool!!! i lyk his jeans..dat blonde hair,reminds me with GDragon khkh

  9. shoopuffed

    he’s WAYYYYYY hotter then G-Dragon! C:
    – love the hair and skin tone