Tribe Called Quest Top, Batman Skirt & Nadia Platform Converse in Harajuku

Here’s 19-year-old Japanese student – with color-streaked blonde hair – who we ran into in Harajuku. When we spotted her A Tribe Called Quest t-shirt, we decided to ask her if we could take a few street snaps.

Her outfit is based around the graffiti-print Tribe Called Quest top from Spinns Harajuku, along with a batman-print skirt, and pink platform Converse from Nadia Harajuku. Accessories include sunglasses, hair bows with bloodshot eyes on them, a Marlboro earring(?), a safety pin earring, a backpack, and a Tommy bag.

When we asked about her favorite things, she said she likes shopping at Nadia Harajuku and she’s a fan of the Japanese rock back Radwimps.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I, for some reason, am all about that earring. At first I thought it was kind of retarded, then it grew on me. & now, like I stated, I am so all about that earring.

  2. I love it! And I want her skirt! (love Batman fof ever <3)

  3. of course, i like the marlboro earring, but she also has a safety pin on the same ear. did anyone else notice that?

  4. nantochan

    GOSH! I love her Marlboro earring! and her backpack, and her tommy bag, and and her safety pin earring! lol cute.

  5. krys ivory

    so strange how SIMILAR me and this girl dress! And we are oceans apart! im shocked! lol LOVE IT! I own a yellow batman tye dye shirt, and i pair it with a wrigleys gum earring with my combat boots….weeeeird!