Tricot Comme des Garcons Ruffle Skirt, Unbilical Flats & Mykita Sunglasses in Harajuku

Yama is a staffer at the famous Harajuku footwear boutique Tokyo Bopper. She has a very unique personal style and has been a fixture of Harajuku’s street fashion scene for many years.

Yama is wearing a white striped shirt with a collar necklace on top. Her red ruffled skirt is from Tricot Comme des Garcons. Her sunglasses are from Mykita and her pointy, embellished flats are from Unbilical (by Tokyo Bopper), worn here with red socks. We also noticed her reptile tote bag and classic watch.

Yama’s favorite shop is Tokyo Bopper.

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  1. She might have the best head to toe sense of style that I’ve seen on this site… imo that is…