Tulle Maxi Skirt w/ Pearls, CdG & Yoshiko Creations Jewelry in Harajuku

This stylish girl is Le Fucco. We met her on the street in Harajuku.

Le Fucco paired a Nike t-shirt with pearls, a Comme Des Garcons cardigan and a red tulle maxi skirt. We also noticed her turban, stud earrings, and Yoshiko Creations rings. She carries a metallic tote bag and an animal print jacket on her arm, and she’s wearing gray sneakers. She also told us that she’s a big fan of the Japanese brand Yoshiko Creations.

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  1. she looks nice ^^ and has perfect nails and perfect skin …so jealous :o

  2. deathbyglitter

    Beautiful! The red tulle and the metallic nails are especially stunning! There is an endless amount of charm in being able to put pieces like these together in a creative way that looks so lovely! I’m so inspired! <3

  3. She looks ethereal standing that way with her calm expression and skirt flowing. All the details in her look are so odd, like her lashes, her earring studs, her rings… They have unexpected shapes.