Twin Sisters Mim & Mam in Harajuku w/ Twintails & E Hyphen World Gallery

Mim and Mam are kawaii Japanese twin sisters and well-known Zipper Magazine models who we have been seeing around Harajuku a lot recently. When we spotted them this time, they were wearing twin tails and matching coats from E hyphen world gallery.

Mim is the one with pink hair on the right. She is wearing a top from Bon Bon with a Tokyo Chiip Lovers plaid skirt. Her blue backpack is Jansport, her earrings are Vivienne Westwood, and the wing ring is Tokyo Chiip Lovers. She is also wearing a cross necklace and creepers. Mim told us she likes to shop at WEGO, E hyphen world gallery, Bon Bon and Tokyo Chiip Lovers, and that she’s a Tsuki Amano fan. Find her on Twitter for details.

Mam is the one with dark hair on the left. Her top is Bluerogue and her skirt Clef de Sol. She has a white Jansport backpack, Vivienne Westwood watch, over the knee socks and pink ankle strap shoes. Her favorite spots for shopping are Nile Perch, WEGO and E hyphen world gallery, and she likes listening to Tsuki Amano, Hanae and Yoeko Kurahashi. Mam is also available on Twitter.

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  1. Omg, so cute!!!! Mam is just super adorable though, I want to keep her in my pocket :3 I’d love to meet them :c

  2. They’re both so stylish and pretty! Mam has a beautiful smile. :)