Twin Tails, Crop Top, The Simpsons & Resale Fashion in Harajuku

Mika and Mizuchin are two friendly girls we met on Meiji Dori in Harajuku.

Mizuchin, on the right with a cute twintails hairstyle, is a Bunka Fashion College student. Her look features a Southpaw “Marie Claire Paris” crop top with The Simpsons pajama pants from Sankaku and New Balance sneakers. Accessories include a tattoo necklace, a statement necklace, and a tote bag from the vintage shop Kuro Benz. Mizuchin is active on Twitter here!

Mika, on the left, is also a student. She’s wearing a white shirt that she picked up resale over a lace top, rolled up Adidas pants, and Lowrys Farm platforms. Accessories include a scarf in her hair and a Louis Vuitton purse. Mika’s favorite shop is otoe and she’s into jazz, K-pop, and hip hop. Find her on Twitter!

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  1. That brownish-pink hair color is awesome. Love those white shoes too, very cool.

  2. love everything except both sweatpants. jeans would have looked better

  3. Where can I buy that Simpson Pajama!?!? plz answer asap!!