Twin Tails, Gingham Crop Top & Bon Bon Varsity Jacket in Harajuku

Hoinyan is a 17-year-old student with a cute twin tails hairstyle who we met in Harajuku.

Hoinyan is wearing a pastel varsity jacket from Bon Bon (by E-hyphen World Gallery) over a Swankiss gingham crop top, Swankiss high waist denim shorts (with dangling flower petal suspenders), and ribbon-laced platform sneakers. Accessories – from Liz Lisa and One Spo – include a flower hair clips, earrings, and a pearl necklace.

Hoinyan’s favorite brands include Swankiss and Liz Lisa and she enjoys the music of Hey! Say! Jump. Find out more by following Hoinyan on Twitter.

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