Twintails w/ Headbands, Tiger Backpacks & Colorful Fashion in Harajuku

Yurika and Mizuho are Japanese sisters who we often see around Harajuku together. They both have headbands, twintails hairstyles, and tiger head backpacks.

Yurika – on the left – is wearing a Malko Malka dress with tights, pastel socks, and Sango platforms. She’s also carrying a pastel jacket which she picked up resale. Her accessories include a headband, a badge from San-biki no Koneko, a lace choker, and the tiger backpack from Upstart Harajuku. Yurika’s favorite fashion brands include Malko Malka, Nadia, Candy Stripper, and Disney. She likes the music of Alice Nine and Amoyamo. For more info, check Yurika’s personal blog.

Mizuho – the younger sister – is wearing a colorful resale jacket from WEGO with a WEGO t-shirt, a cloud print skirt (purchased on Takeshita Dori), tube socks, and classic Vans slipon sneakers (also from WEGO). Accessories include her WEGO headband decorated with Monsters Inc. characters, a “Princess” ribbon, a Minnie Mouse pouch, a Mickey ring, and her matching tiger head backpack from Upstart. Mizuho’s favorite brands include WEGO, Spinns, and Disneyland. She is a big fan of Amoyamo. Check out Mizuho’s blog for more info and pics.

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