Morinoringo w/ Twintails, Sex Pot Revenge, MAD, h.NAOTO & Yosuke USA in Harjauku

We see Morinoringo – a 19 years old model and a student with long red twin tails – around the streets of Harajuiku quite often these days. This is what she’s wearing:

Morinoringo’s sailor collar jacket is from MAD Punks, paired with a mini skirt from Sex Pot Revenge. Her star graphic backpack (with a Marilyn Manson button) is from h.NAOTO, while her platforms are from Yosuke USA (featuring wings). Morinoringo’s look also includes a monster pouch, studded bracelets, lots of earrings and piercings, ear stretching, a giant red cross necklace, chokers, rings, and striped cherry over-the-knee socks. She is also wearing a Vivienne Westwood armor ring.

Mironoringo told us she likes to shop at h.NAOTO and ACDC Rag, and that she’s a Marilyn Manson fan. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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  1. I need the male version to this outfit! Her outfit really rocks!!