Two-Tone Hair, Marilyn Monroe T & Cantwo Skirt

This cute girl with striking two-tone hair is Kana, a 20-year-old college student. She’s wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt with a short flirty polka dot skirt from Cantwo (which she told us is her favorite fashion venue). Accessories include a wide corset-style belt, a cool floppy crochet cap, a bracelet that looks like a pair of juicy lips, and a silver dolphin ring.

Her bright blue sequined bag is from Comme Ca. Black knee socks and loafer shoes complete her outfit.

We asked Kana about her favorite type of music and she said she likes Western pop.
Two-Tone Hair, Marilyn Monroe T & Cantwo Skirt

Blonde/Brown hair & Marilyn t-shirt

Comme Ca blue sequined bag

Lucious lips bracelet

Black knee socks & loafers

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  1. Bananabear

    I love those girls whose excellent sense of style can’t quite make up for the fact that they’re rather funny looking.

  2. Wow! Great hair indeed! You should ask where they get those hair styles! <33

  3. MonicaFlux

    And…she isn’t funny looking she is intentionally making that face. It’s part of the look.

  4. the hair is a wig. cool style. but damn she is funny looking…

  5. Two toned hair >>33 I think her bag dont rly match her outfit thou :C