Ultra-Colorful Thank-You Mart Top & Curly Wig in Harajuku

Eri, who’s 22, is wearing one of the most colorful outfits we’ve seen in Harajuku this season, featuring a multicolor top from Thank-You Mart and equally colorful pants. Her facial decorations include a pearl stud below her lower lip, a nose ring and orange gems below her eyes.

In addition to her bright hat and wig, Eri’s accessories from an ethnic store and other shops include a necklace made from crochet medallions, a beaded necklace and a teddy bear bottle on a string around her neck. Her hands are accessorized with orange and pink glittering nail polish, two large silver rings and a small green enameled ring. Cute toys are hanging from her hat and her blue, black and pink graphic backpack. The only part of her outfit that isn’t rainbow-hued is her black sneakers.

We asked Eri about her favorite music groups and the answer was System of a Down and Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban.
Thank-You Mart Top & Curly Wig in Harajuku

Rainbow wig, large glasses & Thank-You Mart top

Face piercings w/ colorful hat & wig

Graphic backpack w/ toys

Pink & orange nails w/ silver rings

Teddy bear bottle necklace

Bright pants vs. black sneakers

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  1. AWESOME HAT *-*
    I like the shirt…pants I like ’em but I won’t wear them…shirt, yeah, I’d totally wear that ;D

  2. I guess she was on her way to a clown gathering :)

  3. Claps for tat wig I wkd nt put tat on thou but she pull it of ~~ clown look a like ??!

  4. TheBeatlesFan1

    Ummm… Is this even style? I mean would you wear it?

  5. does anyone know where to get pants like that or if they are hand made or any information?