Undercover Shredded Shorts & Patched Pants in Harajuku

When we saw this cool 27-year-old guy’s shredded shorts from Undercover, we realized we’ve photographed him before in Harajuku (you can see him here). This time he was wearing them with a red t-shirt and all-over patched pants, both from Undercover. His eye-catching boots with contrasting straps are from Vivienne Westwood.

Accessories include two Undercover logo wristbands and several Vivienne Westwood silver rings. He has an ethnic bag and a metal disk decoration hanging from his belt. His backpack (also from Undercover) features more patchwork and some ethnic trim.

When we asked about his favorite music genres, the answer was metalcore and scream. If you’d like to see some creative accessories, check out his website.
Undercover Shredded Shorts & Patched Pants

Red t-shirt with neckline interest

Undercover patchwork backpack

Undercover wristbands & Vivienne Westwood rings

Vivienne Westwood boots with contrasting straps

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  1. Zgooby – Thanks for bringing that up. Apparently, in one of the previous photos, we read his handwritten “6” as a “1” on the form. He is 27, but he was 26 in the two other previous snaps. Sorry for the mistake! :-)

  2. waaa the clothes are super ! have that cool kinda indian look to them, me likes ♪(ノ´∀` )ノ

  3. those pants are art!
    wish that guys in here would wear outfits like that :)

  4. JamJammieJam

    This is the first entire outfit I want. I’m slightly surprised. Want want want~

  5. Totally cool! He’s so pretty.handsome or whatever in this outfit!