Undulate & TopShop vs. Comme des Garcons

This attractive Japanese guy and girl are a designer and beauty salon staffer that we met in Harajuku. On the right is designer Yuuki. He told us his favorite brand is Comme des Garcons and said that’s where everything he’s wearing is from, with the exception of his colorful Zucca watch. His favorite type of music is electronic.

The cute girl on the left is Mei, who is on the staff of a beauty salon. Her draped turquoise top is from Undulate. She’s also wearing black shorts from TopShop over black leggings. Her sandals are from Undulate and her studded and fringed black handbag is from Another Edition. She’s also wearing a Zucca watch.

Mei’s favorite place to shop is H.P. France and she enjoys house music.
Undulate Top & Comme des Garcons Outfit

Comme des Garcons shirt

Blue and orange bag

Zucca watch

Brown wing tip shoes

Turquoise Undulate top

Another Edition fringed bag

Zucca watch with gold bracelet

Undulate sandals

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  1. Luv Luv Luv both their watches and that color of blue looks great on her

  2. AWWEEEEE the matching rings are sweet. subtle, since they are in different colours, but cute none-the-less.

  3. Woot! I like both of their styles! This blue top is fabulous! And guy looks good too. So 10/10 points for bot of them!

  4. I’m not really feeling the blue collar-ish apron he’s wearing.

  5. Isn’t his outfit just his work-clothes? Or does he wear that kinda clothes?

  6. I would have assumed the guy wearing the apron was the hairstylist…

  7. I really love her bracelet with all the little metal discs!

  8. The girl looks great,but the dude does he work for Pizza hut?