Union Jack Sweater & Cheetah Print Stockings

This cute girl with glasses and long streaked hair is a 17-year-old high school student. Her cool Union Jack emblazoned sweater was bought at auction. She’s also wearing animal print stockings and black lace-up boots.

Her accessories include a necklace with a Vivienne Westwood logo pendant. Her black leather bag from Gilfy is decorated with a fur tail.
Union Jack Sweater & Cheetah Print Stockings

Glasses & Union Jack sweater

Glasses & streaked hair

Gilfy bag & fur tail

Cheetah stockings & lace-up boots

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  1. Love it! Nice to see someone doing the rabbit tail in an alternative fashion way :3

  2. nastia-chan

    Beautiful! ^o^ soo awesome i want her clothes!

  3. Uwaa, I wish I know where to get fur tails like the ones she’s wearing in California. D’:
    Cute outfit, though!!

  4. ooooh, Vivienne Westwood ^^. love her outfit, just love it! *__*

  5. she is sooo cool!!! apart from the glasses.sorry:(

  6. WAa i love her shirt ><" I wish i have something like that

  7. I like her style, its cool i want those leggings <3

  8. where do i get those leggings there exactly what i need!!!!!!
    help me please!!!!!!!!!!!