Uniqlo, Spank! & Vivienne Westwood

Sato is an 18-year-old high school student. We like the skeleton details on her black tights. She’s wearing a striped top under a white t-shirt with a royal blue hoodie from Uniqlo. Her denim cut-off shorts are from a resale shop. She’s also wearing ankle socks with red lace cuffs and penny loafers.

Sato’s accessories from Spank! And Vivienne Westwood include a crucifix pendant, two buttons and a spiked leather wristband. Click on one of the photos for a close-up view of Sato’s makeup, which is quite stunning, and her bright blue contacts. We also like the red streaks in her hair. We asked about her favorite place to shop and she told us it’s The Virgin Mary vintage store.

If you read Japanese, visit Sato’s blog.
Uniqlo, Spank! & Vivienne Westwood

Uniqlo blue hoodie

Blue eyes & streaked red hair

Crucifix pendant & buttons

Black backpack

Skeleton tights, lace-cuff socks & loafers

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Stunning creations…..really stylish, I must say…

  2. hey, fun looking girl!
    she looks good wearing this blue contact lenses…
    i have bluse eyes already so time to change for black
    may be fun :)