Uniqlo Velveteen Blazer, Kinji Short Skirt & Heart-Shaped Swimmer Handbag

This cute girl with braids and bangs in a velveteen blazer is Kawamura, a 17-year-old student that we photographed in Harajuku. Her maroon blazer is from Uniqlo and her short skirt is from Kinji. Under the blazer is a graphic top from Momo Wonder Rocket. She’s carrying a cute red heart-shaped purse from Swimmer and a cross body bag that resembles a book.

Kawamura’s accessories include red bow earrings from Nadia and a stuffed panda on her purse. Thigh highs and Mary Jane shoes complete her look. When we asked about her favorite shops, her answer was Kinji and Romantic Standard. Kawamura also told us that her favorite music is by cali≠gari.

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  1. Aww yeah, cali≠gari. <3 Her style is hella cute, too, but I'm most into the fact that she likes that band. :D

  2. Wow, she’s brilliant. It’s tough to pull off the schoolgirl look and still be classy, but she manages it!

  3. Love her bag *-* ! … But, I’m french, and what’s written on it doesn’t mean anything ^^’

  4. I need this bag! Does anybody know where I can find it? >o<

  5. Oh, how I love her bag! And her outfit is cute! :)

  6. Dreaded Queen

    Love her jacket and purse. Not feeling the Mary janes but she has a great look overall

  7. Without the red purse the colors of her outfit would perfectly match. Her blazer is awesome!

  8. Mikuchiwa

    Her bag is totally cuuuute but … In french , it just mean nothing … But why not …. Hum …