Ura-Hara Streetwear Style Trio w/ Revolver x Phenomenon Backpack, Bounty Hunter, Supreme, Neighborhood, Alife, HUF, APC & more.

Here are three cool Japanese guys – each sporting a classic Ura-Hara streetwear style – who we ran into in Harajuku.

On the right, in red, is 22-year-old Showgo. He’s wearing a Supreme x Champion warm-up jacket over a Supreme top, classic Levi’s jeans, and shoes from Alife. Accessories include a HUF cap, a silver necklace, and a gray and black backpack from Element. His eye-catching bright red backpack with gold metal embellishments is a collaboration between the Japanese brands Revolver and Phenomenon. Showgo told us his favorite type of fashion is New York style and his favorite music is reggae.

In the middle is Tommy (the “Y” is a yen sign), a writer. Tommy is wearing a jacket from Bounty Hunter (his favorite brand) over a white t-shirt, Lost Hills shorts, and Nike ID sneakers. Accessories include a Bounty Hunter beanie, sunglasses, a silver necklace, a handkerchief/scarf, a chain wallet, a Neighborhood skull ring, and a silver tiger ring. His large black backpack is by Blackhawk. If you’d like to know more about Tommy, check out his personal blog here.

On the left is Dai, a photographer. Dai is wearing a jacket from Red Collar Project over a gray hoodie, jeans from A.P.C., and A.P.C. boots. Accessories include a beanie, glasses, gloves, and a massive photo-backpack from Burton. Dai told us that his favorite brands include Soe and A.P.C. and his favorite musical artist is Akron/Family.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. soooooo awesome! love all their outfits!!! >_________________<

  2. Yes looking very cool that backpack looks heavy!! The middle one is looking fine!! I love the scarf….

  3. woaaah really loving their style :) they look really cool! and those glasses! and the red backpack … totally awesome!