Vargas x K3 Platform Sandals, “HATE” Ring & Fleamadonna in Harajuku

Tomomi works at the famous Tokyo hair salon Valentine. Valentine does the hair of many well-known Harajuku models, and you can see a few of them on her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Tomomi is wearing a pink FleaMadonna shirt over a top from Sister Shibuya, black pants, and platform sandals from the limited edition (and already sold out) Vargas x K3 & Co collection. Her cherry earrings and transparent handbag are also from the Japanese brand Vargas. Tomomi’s other accessories include heart-shaped sunglasses, a 5-finger “HATE” ring, and a Vivienne Westwood armor ring.

Tomomi’s favorite Tokyo boutiques include Sister, Cannabis, and Faline.

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  1. carol czanowski

    You have a very unique style & I enjoy your posts.Peace be with you!

  2. Love the sandals!!! Where can I buy them from the US? Any website?