Vegetable Izakaya Chef in Harajuku Fruits Street Style w/ Colorful Traditional Japanese Prints Fashion

Effortlessly standing out in the crowd was Genki, the chef/owner of the Japanese vegetible izakaya Yasai Izakaya Genki (野菜居酒屋 玄気). His head-turning ensemble consisted of mixed prints, bold colors, and quirky elements that were more than enough to catch everyone’s eye in Harajuku.

Genki had on a blue T-shirt under a yellow-and-green printed kimono top worn with an orange floral print obi belt. He also wore a blue printed long skirt with red tights, red socks, and orange sneakers with black mesh panels. Genki carried a printed drawstring knapsack adorned with a green plush toy. He also had a lime green wristwatch and a bright yellow bag. Rounding out his look is his red-dyed beard and a striking black hat decorated with fruits and vegetables.

Check info on his vegan and vegetarian friendly Tokyo restaurant on Happy Cow!

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