Vintage Harajuku Street Styles w/ Priere, Funktique & Tokyo Bopper

Yukarin and Reina are two vintage-loving girls who we met on the street in Harajuku. Yukarin has her own antique doll-inspired fashion brand, Priere.

Yukarin – on the left with pink hair – is wearing a long quilted robe from Gilet over a matching pajama top and pant set from Funktique Harajuku and Tokyo Bopper platform ballet shoes. Accessories include a Freaks Circus necklace and a lace and cloth swatch bag by her own handmade brand Priere. Yukarin’s favorite places to shop are the Tokyo vintage boutiques Grimoire and Meno. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for more info on her life and style.

Riena – on the right with twin buns – is wearing a vintage jacket over a vintage yellow turtleneck sweater, vintage pants, and resale tabi (split toe) sneakers. Her “Summer Camp” tote bag is by the Japanese brand Beams Boy. Riena’s favorite place to shop is at vintage boutiques and she likes the music of Suiyoubi no Campanella (Wednesday Campanella). Find her on Instagram.

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