Vintage Japanese Street Fashion in Harajuku

This 19-year-old Japanese beauty school student was photographed in Harajuku. She told us that her outfit came from vintage clothing shops. The outfit consists of several layers of different materials, including a suede-looking lace-up shirt under a corduroy dress under a flowing top under a long knit sweater. Layered with all of that is a vintage skirt, rust-colored stockings, and leather flats. Her accessories include a beret with a tassel, a canvas bag, and a cross necklace.

She said that her favorite fashion brand is Aski Kataski – which makes sense when you look at her style. Aski Kataski is a Japanese brand by designer Katsuhiro MAKINO, who is well known for drawing inspiration for his collections from beautiful vintage and antique fashion.

When we asked her about music, she said that she is a fan of Chara and 9Goats Black Out.

Vintage Japanese Street Style

Vintage Knit Sweater in Harajuku

Cute Japanese Girl in Cool Hat

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  1. She look like a homeless person. Do not like. For a pretty girl, she dress like an old hag.

  2. It’s cute. I like that suede shirt, the originality and the skirt peeking out from underneath.

  3. she’s too cute to be wearing something for a very old person you know…. maybe if the jean dress and everything except the cardigan and the tights was up to her knees :]

  4. Limbu_chic

    the sweater is too much..its got fuzz balls…everything else is fine but yea she would look much better in something else.

  5. I love the tassel hat. I wish I had one like that.

    There are a few things you could take away from this, even though most of it is a bit off :)

  6. PenguinSnuggles

    I love all the textures! So very cute :D. She puts it together very nicely.

  7. I love all of her layering and mixed textures, and that hat is the perfect cap for an adorable outfit. She has a very remarkable face, too. <3

  8. i have her bag ! and i want her big oversized knit .

  9. she looks awsome , its a hard look to pull off and she does it perfectly so WAY TO GO !!!