Vintage Kimono & Corset Japanese Street Style w/ Fringed Bob, Colored Contacts, Ruffle Earring, Tattoo Choker & Lace-Up Boots

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street with her kimono and corset streetwear style is Senda, an 18-year-old student. In addition to her fashion, her non-matching color contacts also made an impact.

Sporting a fringed bob, Senda stepped out in a vintage black kimono with red floral embroidery, worn over a black floral print long sleeve blouse with a sheer polka dot panel from Zara and styled with a black lace-up corset. Black shiny pants with side button snap closures, black leather lace-up boots, multiple mismatched silver earrings, a ruffle earring, and a black tattoo choker rounded out her all black style.

Senda is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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